Instituto Cultural Domínico Americano implements an initiative for the preservation of the environment “At Domínico we help the Planet”

The Instituto Cultural Domínico Americano (ICDA) is pleased to announce the implementation of the initiative “We at Domínico Help the Planet”, which aims to raise awareness about saving energy in our community, in order to contribute to the preservation of the environment. As part of this initiative, the institution is in the process of placing […]

Instituto Cultural Domínico Americano celebrates its 75th Anniversary

Ramón Sosa, Leonardo Santoni, Darío Lama, Robert Valdez Santo Domingo. – In such a competitive world, mastery of foreign languages is a gateway to multiple employment, social and economic opportunities. Thanks to the arrival of the Instituto Cultural Domínico Americano (ICDA) to the Dominican Republic more than seven decades ago, English language teaching is gaining […]

Domínico Americano School and Preschool Christmas fair

The students of the Dominican American School and Preschool, with the collaboration of the Parents’ Committee, enjoyed a dynamic night of their Christmas party with their families, full of laughter, fun, music and games. Every year the Christmas Fair is a significant meeting for the enjoyment of the entire educational community.